2016 Halloween Activities in Amarillo

Halloween activities in Amarillo

Look Out Behind You

Now that October is here, people are free to let out their inner monsters and get their wits scared out of them. If you’re looking for the best creepy thrills, here are some excellent Halloween activities in Amarillo.

  • Amarillo Scaregrounds. This attraction could be considered Halloween heaven. It has five separate scary attractions: Insanitarium, Terror, The Basement, Blackout Maze, and Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Van Buren Frightmare. Head to this creepy haunted house in Amarillo to have the lines between fantasy and reality blurred. It is open every Friday and Saturday in October and Sunday and Monday on Halloween weekend.
  • Chainsaw Massacre. Explore two stories of fright in this 20,000 square foot building. There will also be outdoor haunts and scares, too. Chainsaw Massacre is located outside the city limits, so city rules do not apply.
  • Amazingly Fun Farm. In the daytime, this farm is filled with family fun including a corn maze, pumpkin blaster, hay jump, and more. But, after the sun goes down, the zombies come out.
  • The Blackness. Head south to Plainview to see if you can survive The Blackness. Learn the haunting story of Dom and try not to get scared to death.

Which Halloween activity are you planning on attending in Amarillo, TX? Tell all of us Pollard Used Cars of Amarillo. We would love to hear about it!

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