Most Reliable Used Car Brands

Everyone knows that buying a used car is a great financial decision. However, used cars also come with some wear and tear, which is why some car shoppers steer clear of them. To help guide you towards the best used car choice, here are the top five reliable used car brands.

These brands have vehicle that last well beyond 100,000 miles. In fact, some routinely reach 200,000 miles. shows us which brands keep their value the longest because they last longer on the road.

  1. Toyota. 210,705 miles until worthless. Toyota has long been seen as one of the most reliable brands.
  2. Honda. 209,001 miles until worthless. Honda is another reliability leader for practically every model it produces.
  3. Ford. 198,409 miles until worthless. Ford is the top American brand for both its pickups and cars.
  4. Dodge. 198,266 miles until worthless. For this report, the Ram brand was included with Dodge. Be on the lookout for long-lasting Ram pickups or Dodge minivans.
  5. Chevrolet. 195,754 miles until worthless. Chevrolet is overcoming its recall-ridden past by producing some of its most reliable cars, pickups, and SUVs ever.

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