How to Test Drive a Used Car

Used car with a windshield sticker

Ever wonder what you should do to test drive a used car? Here are some quick pointers.

Do the Walk-Around Test

Just do your basic walk around the car, checking for any scratches, dents, rust, and the like. Some dents may just be cosmetic damage, but you can never be too careful.

Make Sure All Interior Amenities Work

Turn on the radio, HVAC system, and check to make sure the seats move easily. Also, if there’s an air freshener inside, let the air run and the car air out to get an idea of what the car actually smells like inside.

Test-Drive on the Highway

Many mechanical issues aren’t obvious until the vehicle runs at higher speeds. Be wary of any vibrations, or if the steering wheel pulls in a particular direction.

Have a Mechanic Look at It

It’s perfectly within your rights to take the used car to a nearby shop to be inspected while you’re testing it out.

Trust Your Gut, But Don’t Be Biased

If something seems off with the car, trust your intuition – it’s probably right. Of course, don’t let your prejudices get in the way of your purchase either, or cause you to buy something you don’t really need because of brand preferences.

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