Rinsing off a car

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Car

Rinsing off a car

Happy Spring Cleaning!

We get it – winter is rough on cars. And after you maybe spent all that time preparing your vehicle for the cold months during autumn and then fixing every little thing that went wrong in freezing temperatures, the last thing on your mind is taking your vehicle back to get serviced again when it finally warms up. But maintenance is important year-round, especially after the harsh temperatures of winter. Here’s a few spring maintenance tips to get you started.

Deep-Clean Your Car

In the winter, vehicles pick up a lot of grime, especially if you live in an area that salts the road. Make sure you wash it all off – especially that damaging road salt! Remember to check the undercarriage.


Cold temperatures mean tires lose pressure faster. While you’re filling them up, make sure they’re wearing evenly, too, and replace them if the tread is getting too worn.

Change Fluids

Oil, brake fluid, coolant, even wiper fluid – everything should be checked or replaced.

Have Your Brakes and Suspension Checked

Getting a set of professional eyes to take a look at your suspension and brakes can help prevent much larger problems down the road and catch damage before it’s too late.

Already done with these spring maintenance tips? If you need more help, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle over to Pollard Used Cars. Our trained technicians will be happy to help you out.

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